Keep a Check on Your Tyres


faulty tyres

If you’re experiencing excessive vibration through the steering wheel, your tyres may be unbalanced. As well as being uncomfortable, this can also cause serious mechanical damage to your vehicle. This should be checked and rebalanced as soon as possible by a professional garage.

General visual inspection

In addition to the above, you should also visually check the condition of your tyres. Cuts, splits, bulges or lumps as well as cracking are all signs of deterioration or damage. If your tyre looks like it is wearing unevenly it may have a tracking or wheel alignment problem.

mis AlignmentImpact Damage, resulting to cut on side wall

Mis-Alignment & Impact Damage on Sidewall

Emergency BrakingThrough Cut because of external object

Emergency Braking & Sidewall through-cut.


If you see any of these problems, or have any concerns, contact Maniar Tyreworld for advice.

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