Does your Car Hit the Bump?

RogerAb Car Suspension Modulator

Spring Buffer car suspension modulator is specially designed for severe Indian road conditions and variable diameter coil springs. Made from very high compressible & wear resistant urethane material.


  • Increases performance of suspension : Fitting Spring Buffer raises the car by 3-6cm. preventing chassis colliding with speed breakers even at considerable high speed. Also the raised height reduces pressure on dampers enhancing the ability of driving on bumpy roads and drastically reduces pitching and rolling while negotiating turns at high-speed
  • Increases braking efficiency  and improves tyre life :  Fitting Spring Buffer increases marginal stiffness of the damper and the landing strength of the front wheels which enhances braking efficiency, reduces braking distance subsequently increasing lifespan of tyres.
  • Enhances suspension lifespan : Fitting Spring Buffer on damper coil springs reduces inside hydraulic pressure of dampers and hence increasing the lifespan of dampers and suspension parts. The transmittance of suspension noise to the chassis is also drastically reduced.
  • Car Dynamics : Fitting Spring Buffer prolongs wheel Alignment adjustment duration and maintains steering geometry symmetrically.

RogerAb Car Suspension Modulator


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