Why you will need a Tyre Inflator?

Why you need a Tyre Inflator?

One of the most important factors (and one which is often overlooked as far as car performance goes), is the role of tyres. I cannot emphasize enough how essential they are when it comes to road safety. Every driver knows that in order for their car to handle well, the tires have to be in good condition.

One thing you can do for your tyres is to make sure the pressure inside them is at the optimal level, and at all times. You can do this at your local gas station but I would suggest a better solution, and that’s buying a tyre inflator.Tyre Porblem

They come in handy not just for tyre inflation, but for just about anything where a high volume of air is needed. It will also save you money in the long run since you won’t be making those trips to your local gas station in order to check the pressure.

More than that, you will need a Tyre Inflator when your tyre is punctured. Tubeless tyres can run even on puncture for more than 100kms after you have inflated them with air. The air doesn’t escape Tubless Tyres easily(you should not remove the visible nail) and so if you own  Tyre Inflator, you can inflate your punctured tyre and get yourself out of trouble.

Otherwise you have to get yourself on your knees and replace your wheel with a spare.

Features to Look out For

  • Most Tyre Inflators have a pressure gauge, it can be a dial gauge or a digital gauge. You can go with any one you are convenient with, no doubt you have to shell out more bucks for a Digital Tyre Infaltor. Some even have a flashlight which can be helpful to you during night operations. Some are equipped with warning lights that signals the oncoming traffic that there is a car parked on the side of the road.
  • There are models which you can set it to shut off automatically when it inflates the tyre. The tyre inflators which can be plugged into your cigarette lighter are handy, those which are battery powered are more portable but you need to be careful to keep you batteries recharged every now and then even when the unit is not used.
  • Another thing you need to take care is the air flow before you buy one. Tyre Inflator with a 35L / min air flow is a good option and it will take 3-4 mins max to inflate a normal 15″ tyre of your car upto 32psi . Tyre Inflators with lesser air flow are available at very low cost but may take from 10-15 mins to inflate a single tyre of your car.
  • Care need to be taken while buying a tyre Inflator with more than 35L / min air flow as it will consume more than 15Amp power. The lighter sockets for mostly all the cars are configured at 12V and 15amp, so if your Tyre Inflator has an air throw of 45L or 60L then you have to connect it directly to a Car battery.


These are some of the considerations you should be aware of when looking for a Tyre Inflator. There are plenty of different models to choose from each with their own unique features and specifications, so you need to be aware of what’s important for you.

Meanwhile you can check out Automan Tyre Inflators from the link below and can buy them on Amazon if they interest you!

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